Fernando has strong memories from early childhood of his mother’ s advice, that he should always be well presented’. For many years as he has lived in and visited many countries, he has developed a keen interest in the sustainable fashion industry. Having been discovered by the iconic British fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood, and having become an ambassador of the Peruvian Alpaca and Vicuña wool producers, Fernando decided to create his own brand, with the support of From the Andes to the World, an environmentally-responsible, boutique collection for men and women by designing garments that use the textiles of Alpaca and Vicuña, based on the principle of protecting these beautiful animals, supporting the indigenous craftsmen and women that work in the development of the high- quality textiles, and ensuring maximum sustainability and protection of the breed and the environment.

The CACHUA designs are complemented with a natural jewellery collection with the support of Pada Joyería, using only traditional artisanal mining methods from the indigenous community of Mompox, Colombia. The high added value of these accessories showcases our message of sustainability as an integral feature of our design. These considerations have been at the heart of the collection since its conception.

2021 Fernando is just about to launch his clothing brand with a fashion show named (Cachua) meaning round dance.