Fernando is a prominent Colombia, Uk Artis, a very versatile dancer who trained as a classical ballet dancer at Incolballet in Colombia, National Ballet School of Cuba,  and at Teatro Nuovo di Torino.  He spent time training at la Scala di Milan before joining the Royal Ballet (2006 -2020) where he became a soloist and the first Colombian to be part of the prestigious company. He also started doing occasional modelling after he was discovered by Dame Vivienne Westwood and music conductor Mark Stephenson.   He has also done television,  radio and small appearances on the big screen, something that he is now doing more often. He also supports several charities such as Children Change Colombia, Amy Winehouse Foundation, and Marine Conservation Society UK, where he does a regular  podcast (OCEANCAST). In 2021 will be launching his own fashion and jewellery brand (CACHUA) with the support of From the Andes to the World and Pada Joyería.  He is getting ready to do a film inspired on his autobiography (UNA BUENA VENTURA, in Spanish);  the English version (A BOY WITH A BEAUTIFUL DREAM) will be released  simultaneously with the film.

One often wonders what would have happened if I had not gone to Cuba, if I had spent more time with my mother, if I had not traveled to Europe. There is no correct answer, the only one that occurs to me is that dreams must be pursued, even if they are not as you expected, because that is also preferable to remaining in doubt.

My life so far has been a wonderful journey, I have learned so much, I have known many places, and met so many people. Despite travelling so far, I feel that I am still the same person I was as a child. I would not be ashamed if, once again, II had to dance again with worn out shoes.  I have never believed myself to be better than I am, and I feel the same admiration for both the Prince who is Patron, and the people who clean the Royal Opera House. I did not stay in my neighbourhood, unlike many from my childhood did, and who have consequently died from being caught up in street problems or who ended up in jail. I wanted to be someone, a good person who helps others.

I have been happy, but sometimes I feel that achieving my goal has come at a high price. But I repeat: I have been happy.  I would not change anything in my life.  Only when you achieve your dreams can you appreciate what it is to have nothing in your pockets. Happiness is something temporary, a passing thing, something that comes and goes, like the ticking of a clock. I have had some amazing experiences that often seem surreal to me.  And yet, I have never been happier than I was as a child who liked to play in the rain on the terrace of the little house in Buenaventura. Years later, a lady who saw me in Paris told me that when I dance, I tell my own story.

Maybe that’s who I am on stage: living the story of a boy who had a beautiful dream.